How the trends mapped in Outlook 2021 will play out in Europe, Middle East, and Africa

Photo by Philipp Birmes from Pexels

Written by: Kate Walkom, Global Account Director & UM Labs Ambassador Lead UM Int’l

With contributions from:

  • Tom Stanton, Strategy Director & UM Labs Ambassador UM Int’l

We spent much of 2020 discussing the pandemic as a trend accelerator, pulling forward consumer behaviors by five or so years, particularly in areas like ecommerce, remote work, and telemedicine. And really the…

How the Outlook 2020 trends are playing out in Europe

Co-written by Kate Walkom and Jordan Pini

Photo by Louis. K on Unsplash

The European markets face some similar opportunities challenges in media and technology innovations as the U.S., but the policy makers there are taking a more proactive approach to address issues like data privacy and monopolistic practices, resulting in a distinct and interesting market dynamic. Here are how the four Outlook 2020 trends are playing out across the EU region.

Democratized Creativity

With the democratization of creativity, we see the growth of creative economies throughout Europe, which are being fueled largely by the internet, as well as the fragmentation of media. This means that traditional media…

Kate Walkom

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